Sunday, May 01, 2005

Burmese Food Festival Part II

This dish was some sort of noodle thing. It was absolute ASS. It tasted like noodles mixed with sawdust and shrimp feet. It was very fishy. It came with a soup that was equally as fishy. I had 2 bites and threw the rest away.

This is an ice cream desert. The bottom had cake and pistacios and then the ice cream was on top but it was "inverted". The ice cream was not very creamy and kindly of "icy" with frozen water chunks. Ok tasting, but the main reason I got it was because I needed something else to wash away the flavor of that noodle dish.

All in all an interesting experience, but a little too strong and funky flavors in most of the food. After I ate the noodle thing, it seemed like all I could smell was fish sauce in every booth and that's when Mrs. Dog and I decided to go home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

May be you should find out what type of food is Burmese food before trying them out.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Rick Robson said...

Great post I loved it... especially the delicious pictures :) makes me hungry right away!

BTW if you're a restaurant owner I have a free thing for you

5:55 AM  

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